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Current News & Issues: Wolves

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Basin Butte Pack ~ 2006 Story Continued...

One of the non-lethal tools used to scare away B171 was a RAG (radio-activated guard) box. If she came near it, an noisy alarm would go off along with flashing lights. It seemed to help. Since wolves will run from loud noise, wolf advocates practiced shooting at paper targets in the foothills where the Basin Butte wolves had been seen. The hope was that the sound of gunfire would scare any wolves in the vicinity, deeper into the mountains. This worked. There were no more depredations.

RAG Box on a fence post near the site of the recent depredation.

PHOTO: RAG Box on a fence post near the site of the recent depredation.

The photo below shows a pro-wolf citizen, hiking and practicing his second amendment rights on the Sawtooth National Forest. The sign is new, posted since the presence of wolves became known. Neither "wolf lovers" or "wolves" are welcome on the nearby ranchette, whose absentee owners, lease pasture for cattle grazing.

"No Trespassing" sign. Wolves - this means you.

PHOTO: "No Trespassing" sign. Wolves - this means you.


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Basin Butte Pack
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