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Look at Past Outings & Beautiful Photos!

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Pygmy Rabit Field Trip
Mt. Borah Earthquake Scarp Area, June 10, 2009

Pygmy Rabbits At Risk! While sage grouse are the sagebrush sea’s icon, another sage dweller, the rare pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) is coming into the news. On June 10th, we met with IDFG biologist Beth Waterbury, near the Mt. Borah Earthquake scarp. We learned that the tiny bunnies (a pound or so) live in portions of eight western states, and are threatened by loss of sagebrush habitat. The species has been proposed for ESA listing by USFWS. We spread out across foothill terrain, and peered into rabbit burrows made on “mimi mounds” (clumps of soil with thick sage). We did not see any rabbits, but the Lost River peaks and eastern White Cloud Mountains were magnificent, as well as the wildflowers. Now, we have a much better understanding of this rare species. .

Summer 2009 Outings: Pigmy Rabits


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All photos are by Lynne K. Stone, BWCC,
Copyright 2009, unless otherwise noted.

> Slide 1: Bunny Hole

> Slide 2: Scat & Tracks

> Slide 3: Lupine & Pashimerois

> Slide 4: Gorgeous

> Slide 5: Pygmy Rabbit near its burrow


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