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BWCC Summer Outings Malm Gulch Outing  


"Where volcanoes
rained on giant
sequoias" reads
the BLM sign
that Caitlin Haugh
and Jin Lim of
Challis, stand by
in Malm Gulch.

Evening primrose.

  Malm Gulch Outing



On May 12th, our annual Spring outing with Boise botanist Michael Mancuso took place at Malm Gulch, noted for its geology, paleontology and ecology.

Fifty million years ago this arid land was moist and covered with ferns in the valleys and sequoia trees on the hills. then, according to Michael, came a "volcanic party" that rained ash and rock, changing Malm Gulch forever. Now wildflowers color the dry soils for a few weeks annually and our timing was perfect.

Nearby residents Polly and Dan King came along and shared their knowledge as we worked our way toward giant petrified sequoia stumps up one of the draws.

The fragile soils of Malm Gulch are no longer grazed by cattle, but ATVs are illegally pioneering routes to ridge tops. More enforcement dollars in BLM's budget would help.

Next May, Michael will show us a similar locale south of Challis.

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