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Gray Wolf Field Trip -- Part 2      Go To Part 1
Friday May 16th, 2003

BWCC's May 16, 2003 Wolf Outing was the inspiration for two excellent articles on wolves in the Idaho Mountain Express. READ ARTICLE 1...->    READ ARTICLE 2...->


There are 6 photos in the slideshow at right. Download times vary from 2-3 seconds for high-speed connections, and 2-3 minutes for dial-up. Enjoy the whole show (which will load and play automatically) OR use the quick links at right to view and print individual slides (just use the BACK button on your web browser to return to this page when you are done with each slide).

LOOK AT: Photo Slideshow 1

*Slide 1: Lower Squaw Creek
*Slide 2
: Seeing Wolf Tracks
*Slide 3
: Wolf Track
*Slide 4
: Telemetry Listening
*Slide 5
: Wolf Advocates Afield
*Slide 6
: Visiting May Family B&B

Squaw Creek - Buffalo Ridge Wolf Pack

On May 16th, 22 people gathered to learn from Idaho wolf experts Carter Niemeyer and Curt Mack. After a stop in the Sawtooth Valley and a discussion on wolf ecology at the Stanley Museum lawn, we continued to Squaw Creek, a tributary to the Salmon River. The Buffalo Ridge Pack raised six pups last year in 2002, all which survived until late May, when one was found killed -- its death is under investigation. At Squaw Creek we saw hundreds of wolf prints in the drained Thompson Creek Mine's steelhead rearing pond. The mud provided an excellent opportunity to photograph the large paw tracks. The Buffalo Ridge wolves have been dining on steelhead and the large numbers of deer and elk that winter in the Salmon River canyon. Some of our group stopped to tour the nearby May Family Bed and Breakfast where wolves can sometimes be viewed in nearby fields from the front porch.

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